What You Need to Know About the iOS Passbook Pass

So what is all the fuss about the iOS Passbook pass? Why is it trending in most social networking sites? Why is it one of the hottest Apps on the app store? As what most Apple users say, it’s going to change how monetary transactions and mobile payment works. It’s said to be the fully-fledged e-wallet that will change all points of mobile transactions for the years to come. After all, it is backed up by Apple. And most people know that such word is no longer linked to a fruit alone. Such word is linked to a brand known by all individuals. Here’s what you should know about Passbook pass.

  • Introduction of Passbook

Apple announced the e-wallet last June 11,2012 at the Worldwide Development conference. They announce it as the app that serves as your mobile wallet. It’s fully integrated to the latest version of operating system coined as iOS 6. It’s a Phone app expected to be releases in the last quarter of the year.

  • Features Added

Passbook pass is an app that’s fully functioning. It’s got great features which includes Geolocation, Push Updates and Calendar Updates. Let’s highlight the Geolocation feature. Iphone users will receive a pass automatically when they are in a particular establishment or nearby. The Pass creator is responsible for selecting the Pass that pops out in the Lock Screen of a user. The Pass may be a discount coupon or loyalty card. Any iPhone user would love this feature. They could immediately redeem the promo offered by an establishment.

  • Passbook as a New Marketing Scheme

Business owners can greatly benefit from this app. It’s wise to integrate the app to a business owner’s operation. It’s relatively cost-efficient. There’s a reduced cost in mass printing and distribution of paper coupons. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You are advertising your establishment whenever a consumer is nearby. At the same time, you get instant increase in sales every time they redeem the coupon. There’s complete brand presence to all iPhone users. Imagine how many people are using iPhone nowadays. That is your target market.

  • Passbook as the Next Credit Card

In a few months or the next coming year, credit cards will be useless plastics. The whole concept of the credit card system is integrated into the Passbook pass. It will greatly rival the credit card system of Visa and MasterCard. A consumer can purchase airline tickets and shop items without swapping a credit card. The transactions can be done with the Passbook app. Apple just needs to find a solution to the complex nature of the credit card financial regulations.

  • Passbook Pass Will Never Be a Failure

Smartphones are the most sought after mobile devices. Iphone is the top-selling smartphone. There’s a growing market of iPhone users. Thus, there will be a lot of people that will use Passbook. It’s completely convenient for people. People will feel valued every time they use it. They get the latest offers in all establishments. Now, who doesn’t want that?

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