Author: Ivee Banned in the Country as Airtel Implements Keyword Filters

The right to use YouTube shorterners,, has been stopped in India because such URLs are known to have been utilized to spread seditious videos on Facebook and Twitter. The country has demanded these social networking sites to take out pages with offensive, hateful and unpleasant contents. These contents have possibly been exploited to spread out gossips and obnoxious rumors across the nation. As a result, thousands of citizens have actually departed from various cities in the country. However, just recently, Airtel has taken out keyword filters and cleared the domain of

Sending bulk or more than 5 text messages in a day has also been temporarily banned in the country to control the spreading of the rumors.

India has Deterred Access to

After the recent events on the rumor spread in India, a number of pages and sites have been block. However, it is not precisely identified which ones were disallowed in the country. Nonetheless, YouTube’s short domain – – has been banned completely, although the main website is not totally blocked. Despite all these, it has been ordered that all URLs be barred from different Internet service providers. This is for the reason that these shorter links were utilized in spreading and sharing odious and provocative videos in different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, there is still a means to access these blocked URLs. You can easily evade the site prohibition by changing the URL. Simply replace the in the link you want to access with, just like what is shown: [Blocked] [Accessible]

A Filtering System that Depends on Keyword has been Imposed by Airtel

Airtel, one of India’s popular internet service providers (ISP), has made a great move to abide with such orders by the court. What they did was to filter out URLs basing on keyword. Websites or web pages having “” in them have all been prohibited to be accessed in the country. And even if “” is placed at the beginning or at the end of the URL, you cannot access such URL.

If truth behold, publishing any article or blog like this one with in the http post, is not at all possible. Airtel can easily filter keyword-based URLs and ban such in an instant. Instead, making use of youtu.xe prior to hitting the publish button is a way to circumvent the ban.

Different ISPs in the country have a reputation to reading and complying with court orders in terms of banning sites. In fact, in 2006, several blogs from have been blocked due to commands of Indian court.

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